Looking for a great way to see Bali? Then check out the Kintamani Lake & Volcano Tour in Bali, Indonesia. On this tour visitors will see local villages, experience traditional dances and enjoy stunning views of lush tropical vegetation and the spectacular lake and volcano of Kintamani.

Discover Unseen Bali on a Kintamani Lake & Volcano Tour
Discover Unseen Bali on a Kintamani Lake & Volcano Tour

Visit Bali, Indonesia and explore its majestic volcanic mountains, clear blue lake, spectacular views, beautiful work of arts and of course the diverse culture of Bali, Indonesia with Kintamani Lake & Volcano Tour. Get to enjoy some of Bali’s traditional dances and lush picturesque rice terraces. Explore the famous Kintamani Lake and Kintamani Volcano the best way possible, do it with Kintamani Lake & Volcano Tour!

With Kintamani Lake & Volcano Tour, you’ll be starting your day with a visit to Batubulan village where you can enjoy a traditional dance called Barong Dance of Bali. Unravel the story behind the fascinating dance about good and evil. You’ll then get to visit the village of Mas, known for its intricate woodcarving. Watch talented woodcarvers fashion a simple piece of wood into a work of art. After the village touring, you’ll then get to a fantastic Elephant Cave, dating from 700 years ago, where you’ll see hidden fountains and bathing pools. Finally, you’ll get to the climax of your tour with the majestic volcanic mountains of Kintamani. See black lava running down its peak into the valley below into the beautiful lake of Kintamani. Atop the mountains, you’ll get to see a most memorable panoramic view all around you. Surely an experience you don’t want to miss.

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