The mere thought of your sensitive personal information falling into the wrong hands is enough to trigger nightmares. Which is why, at UNIGLOBE, safeguarding the data you entrust us with in order to support your travel needs, is top priority. This article from UNIGLOBE experts should save you from losing sleep over any apprehensions with respect to possible data misuse.

Prevention of data leak via secured web link  

While creating and updating your UNIGLOBE profile, we never seek your passport, credit card or other sensitive details over email. Instead, our experts send you a secured web link on your registered email id, where you can key in your personal information over a secured network. This eliminates the scope of any inadvertent leak of your data.


Check on data accessibility through encryption

Your UNIGLOBE profile data, which is inclusive of details unique to your identity, is stored in an encrypted file. Hence, the file contents are not readable. This ensures no individual can access your personal information stored in the file, thus preventing the possibility of identity theft or any other form of information misuse.


Secured payment gateway to safeguard financial data

At UNIGLOBE, we conform to the highest standards of security to safeguard your financial data. All payments that you make through our web resources are routed via a secured payment gateway to prevent sensitive information like your credit card details from exposure to fraudulent use.

When travelling with UNIGLOBE, worrying about your data should be the least of your concerns. Your data is absolutely safe with us!


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