Fly without wings on an incredible tour that overlooks the beautiful Armenian River Gorge.

Cross the Vorotan River Gorge with the Wings of Tatev
Cross the Vorotan River Gorge with the Wings of Tatev
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Fly without wings across the picturesque Vorotian River Gorge on the Wings of Tatev, an aerial Tramway was that was built as part of the Tatev Revival Project.  A cable car ride to the Monastery takes just 12 minutes.By land it would take 40 minutes along the steep, winding road through the Vorotan River Gorge. As one tramway cabin reaches the Tatev Terminal, the other arrives at the Halidzor Terminal.

Each cabin holds 25 passengers and a tram driver, and each hour 200 passengers ride this unique tramway.

The Vorotan River winds its way through a deep gorge that is bridged by the Wings of Tatev Aerial Tramway. This breathtaking canyon is home to ancient cave settlements, tiny hermitages, Neanderthal sites, and healing springs.A tour perfect for nature lovers who enjoy the beautiful colors of the Armenian countryside or for travelers who would like to experience the adventure of flying high over the winding gorge and see the haunting Armenian Monastery.

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