Want to learn more about Chinese pottery? Then check out a Chinese Pottery Class in Shanghai, China. In this class visitors will learn the history of this ancient Chinese art form, discover methods of shaping clay and create a piece of pottery to take home.

Create Your Own Piece of Pottery in a Chinese Pottery Class
Create Your Own Piece of Pottery in a Chinese Pottery Class

Visit Shanghai, China and have a Chinese Pottery Class and get to enjoy making artistic Chinese pottery. Share this activity with your family and together, let your hands be dirty making a pot of your own. Appreciating pottery isn’t all about the beauty of it, but also who made it, so make one and you can bring home your own piece of pottery with you.

Chinese Pottery Class is a 2-hour pottery-making class in Shanghai in which you’ll be guided by an expert local artist. Discover the methods of shaping clay and making it a beautiful piece of art. You might also want to know that pottery is ancient Chinese art way back over 11,000 years ago making this experience an educational, cultural, and of course fun. With all art materials and equipment needed for pottery, you won’t have to bring anything but yourself.

Contact us now and learn the method of Pottery in the form of Chinese art with Chinese Pottery Class!

by Kamna - over 5 years ago

Wow! this is a great activity!

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