The city of Surat, formerly Suryapur, is located in the Indian state of Gujarat on the left bank of the Tapti River, about 22 kilometers from the mouth of the river. Surat is the second largest city in Gujarat with a population of about 4.5 million people.

Cool things to do in Surat
Cool things to do in Surat

It is also one of the fastest growing metropolises in the world with an annualized growth rate of 11.8 since 2001. The city is fondly referred to as the Diamond capital of the world due to the fact that 92 % of the world's diamond is cut in the city. It has also been labeled as the Manchester of the east due to its large textile industry. For those who want to visit the city, below are some fun things you can engage in.

1. Relax and unwind at Tithal Beach

This beach is 88 KM far from Surat and 10 miles from Valsad. It is one of the most visited beaches in India and guests who want to soak in the Indian sun can enjoy this location after a hard week of sightseeing. While at it, make sure you make several might get invited into an Indian party.

2. Fine Dining

Surat is home to some of the finest restaurants in India. You will get restaurants that have specialized in any of the following dishes; Surati Petish, Fafda, Locho, Surati Khaman, Ratalu na bhajia, Sarasia khaja, Lasan nu kachu. Make sure you ask your tour guide which is the best place to take your meals.

3. Engage in Sporting fun at The WarZone Paintball

Whichever game that interests you, it will be available at The WarZone Paintball. From cricket to volleyball to tennis to them...

4. Shopping at Rahul Raj Mall

For those who love fun, this mall will over deliver. You will not only shop for Indian souvenirs but also engage in table games, recreational activities such as swimming, gourmet dining as well as attending live entertainment events.

5. Explore the ISKCON Temple

From the moment you step inside this temple, you feel an overpowering divine presence of Lord Krishna. The fact that the temple is located in the scenic surrounding of River Tapi makes it even more ideal to say your silent prayers. It does not matter whether you are a Hindu devotee or not - all that matters is that in the temple, you can communicate with God.

Surat has for years been the preffered vacation destination in Gujarat for a reason - it is cheap, exotic and cleaner than the average Indian city. As a tourist, you will get to sample the best of Gujarat culture in relative comfort.

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