Taking service excellence a few notches higher, UNIGLOBE Travel has recently introduced the mobile optimized version of its cutting edge agent booking tool, Complete Access Online. Read on for an inside scoop on why we went mobile and how this will make your travel booking experience with UNIGLOBE even better than before.

Why we went mobile?

In order to attend to and process your requests in real time, we were looking for a solution that would defy the constraints of time and space and provide a sense of immediacy. Moving our booking tool to the mobile was the obvious answer. Therefore, we invested in Complete Access Online to make it a seamless extension of the agent desktop version so all data from the desktop version is accessible in the mobile version and you never have to wait again!

How does your booking experience get better?

The mobile optimized version of Complete Access Online puts a fully featured travel service (research and reservation system) in the hands of the UNIGLOBE experts, literally. This translates into a seamless service and an excellent booking experience on account of the following new features.

1. Bookings at Lightning Fast Speed

The architectural change in the tool ensures that the system is highly stable and responds at lightning fast speed. Your UNIGLOBE expert can now process your requests in no time. Next time you book with us, you’ll be done even before you know it.

2. Real Time Access to Lowest Fares

UNIGLOBE experts can now access live fare rules of low cost carriers (LCC) on their smart device without having to visit the individual sites of each carrier. This means you get quicker access to the best fares in the industry at any given point in time, or shall we say more savings in less time!

3. Your Preferred Seat Secured  

Now, as soon as you request a fare quote from your UNIGLOBE expert, your seat is blocked. Once the expert sends you the quote, you can review it at ease instead of rushing for the fear of losing out on your seat of choice.

4. Check on Duplicate Bookings

The enhanced version of Complete Access Online eliminates the scope of inadvertent duplication in bookings and the stress that follows. Your UNIGLOBE expert can now double check for duplicate bookings right from their smartphone.

5. Greater Transparency with the Fare Break-up Template

The fare break-up template reflecting the details of each component of the fare, including the agent’s fee, gives you greater transparency. You don’t have to lose sleep going over bills looking for hidden charges, anymore!

6. Hassle Free Cancellation

The new tool comes with the ability to auto pick live cancellation charges ensuring accuracy of information while your UNIGLOBE expert processes your request for cancellation. Next time you have to cancel a trip, cancelling your bookings will a cake walk.

7. Guest Bookings

Not just you, even your guests enjoy the benefit of travelling the UNIGLOBE way. The enhanced tool allows your UNIGLOBE experts to accept and process booking request for your guests.

8. Refundable and Non-refundable Fare Search (for GDS and Full Time Carriers)

If you have a specific request for a refundable or non-refundable airfare booking, your UNIGLOBE expert can filter his/her search to get only the relevant results, thereby responding to you even quicker than before.


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