Are you looking to test your navigation skills? Get lost in a 10+ acre maze of corn at Calgary Corn Maze. Nighttime maze navigation is also available.

Challenge your navigation skills in a maze of corn at Calgary Corn Maze
Challenge your navigation skills in a maze of corn at Calgary Corn Maze

Visit Alberta's #1 destination for family-friendly farm fun. From the giant corn labyrinth to a petting zoo and mini golf course, a visit to the Calgary Corn Maze and Fun Farm will be an entertaining and educational farm-filled adventure for the whole family. 

Calgary Corn Maze & Fun Farm is home to the largest interactive puzzle in Southern Alberta. Your family will love trying to make their way through this 10-acre maze built from a corn field. The maze takes anywhere from 2-2.5 hours to complete, so the farm recommends that guests being plenty of water and pack a lunch.

If you want an extra challenge, try the Calgary Corn Maze Flashlight Nights. Armed with only a flashlight, visitors must find their way through the maze in the dark. This is geared toward the older teens-adult crowds and lasts until 10pm. 

The Calgary Corn Maze in Calgary, Alberta holds events throughout the year and is available for groups and parties as well. Plan your visit from July-August to ensure you get the best that the Calgary Corn Maze & Fun Farm has to offer.

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