Looking for a unique way to see Beijing? Then check out the Beijing by Bike Tour. On this tour visitors will explore the backstreets of Beijing, visit to a local market, enjoy a traditional Chinese lunch and learn to play mahjong.

Bike Through the Ancient Alleyways of Beijing on a Beijing by Bike Tour
Bike Through the Ancient Alleyways of Beijing on a Beijing by Bike Tour

They say that there are over 13 million bicycles in Beijing alone, so it comes as no surprise that seeing Beijing by bike is a fascinating way to tour the city. Join the Beijing by Bike Tour where you will explore the alleyways of Beijing, visit local markets, learn to play Mahjong, and eat a traditional Chinese lunch.

The Beijing by Bike tour is an eight hour journey through some of the coolest parts of Beijing. Although Beijing is a modern city, the traditional areas still exist in the 'hutongs' around the Forbidden City. Ride your bicycle through these winding alleys and take in the ancient Chinese way of life, with many residents still living in these areas. Ride to a traditional street market for some snacks before stopping for lunch in a traditional courtyard where you are even allowed to help in the preparations. Make another stop and learn the art of Mahjong, the most popular game in China. 

The Beijing by Bike tour is a fascinating journey into the ancient Chinese way of life that is quickly disappearing in this bustling city. Explore the area like a local for an unforgettable day in one of China's most spectacular cities.

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