As a business traveler, you’re used to situations that require you to travel on a short notice – maybe its that client meeting you’ve been chasing that’s finally come through or a project that requires your attention or even a meeting at your regional headquarters. You travel for any number of reasons that require you to be always prepared. In this story, UNIGLOBE Experts bring the focus on a few travel basics, the little things that make you an ever-ready traveler.

Keep your travel profile up-to-date

Travel is personal and in so many ways it's really about you and things you want or like. Just like a good tailor knows what fabric you like or what 'fit' you prefer - a travel expert is very similar to your own tailor, crafting that truly personal travel experience for you. Therefore, travel professionals like UNIGLOBE experts make it their business to base their craft around their knowledge of you. So if you prefer a particular type of seat or prefer a particular meal type or a smoking room upon check-in to your hotel - they'll get it for you either using their connections or their tools.

Make sure you tell your travel expert everything about how you like to travel or your travel entitlement or even places you want to see on your next vacation -it all adds up to form a collection or a record of your wants and likes - your very own travel profile.

"At UNIGLOBE we’re investing into sophisticated online tools that let you keep your profile up-to-date via your own, personal and highly secure login. When it comes to travel preferences, making it fast and easy for our travelers to communicate updates and maintain their travel profile is key for us. We expect to rollout this online profile facility for travelers in 2014", Says a senior UNIGLOBE spokesperson.

Need more information on what makes a comprehensive travel profile? Click here to view a sample travel profile or talk to your UNIGLOBE Expert if you’ve got some updates that we should know about. We’re listening.

Greater emphasis on your Passport, Visa and Travel Insurance:

There are a number of things to consider when it comes to your Passport and Visa health and status. For starters, you’ll want to be sure that both your Passport and Visa are in-fact valid for travel. Most countries require you to hold a passport that will be valid for at least 6 months ahead from your date of entry. You must have sufficient blank pages in your passport for immigration stamps.

Is your visa expiring soon? Will it be valid till your next trip? Do you need to renew it before your next trip?Do you really need Travel Insurance? What are the chances you'll need it?

One of the ways to help yourself with these decisions is to let a UNIGLOBE Expert do the heavy lifting for you. As an expert points out, “its not about whether your Passport and Visa is valid or not. Its really about knowing it in-time to take the right action for example, apply for a Passport or Visa renewal. Travel management tools are capable of sending automated alerts for expiry of vital travel documents like your passport or visa thus making sure your documents are up-to-date and you can travel on a moment’s notice".

“For travelers who question the need for travel insurance, we often ask them – how much is peace of mind worth to you? Our expert view is that travel insurance is a must to minimize financial risks of traveling that can sometimes include accidents, illness, missed flights, lost baggage and theft", advises another expert.

 To know, how travel can be more "about you" in 2014, call or write-in to your UNIGLOBE Experts today.


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