Medical Emergencies come unannounced and yes they don’t really wait for you to return from that trip abroad. Locating the nearest doctor or hospital might not be so easy if you can't even speak the local language. Given the scenario, it is best to be prepared. As smartphones take over the world, our UNIGLOBE experts take you through a list of medical travel apps you should download before you take that next trip.

iOS and Android, free, global
Using GPS capabilities, this app provides you with numbers for emergency services by destination and also offers a comprehensive list of hospitals in 129 countries. To make communicating abroad even easier, it allows you to translate first aid terms and offers a "drug dictionary" with names of common medications in a variety of languages.


iOS and Android, free, global
The app provides a range of solutions for emergency situation while traveling, from finding hospitals and clinics to allowing you to press on the SOS button that sends your location without internet, dials to the emergency hotline of your insurance company and others. Currently it has are over 3,000 medicine places from across the world.


Travel Safe
Android, free, global
Travel Safe connects you to emergency services; from medical, motor, fire, natural and everything in-between; within just five seconds of opening the app. It automatically detects your location and brings up the right information when you need it. It notifies your friends and family of an incident if one was ever to occur by building a concise message that can be sent in any situation.


In the smartphone era, these smart apps are certainly a smart way of helping you tide over medical emergencies. Not to forget, that when all else including technology fails, you can always count on the expertise, experience and reach of our UNIGLOBE experts who are ever ready to assist you during emergencies. Our worldwide network of partners including our travel insurance partner Tata AIG also help you deal with the financial implications of medical emergencies while travelling. 


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