In this story, our experts talk about UNIGLOBE Travel’s nomination for the ‘Oscars’ of the travel industry - the World Travel Awards as Asia’s Leading Travel Management Company 2014. In a world where media hype makes things seem larger than life, our experts opine that third party endorsements like awards are perhaps the one true measure of performance, innovation and service.

It’s May 2014. The story of the month is our nomination for the most prestigious World Travel Awards as Asia’s Leading Travel Management Company 2014. For travel management companies, the World Travel Awards is the most sought after arena, where only the biggest and best in the industry from across the globe come together to be evaluated and awarded for their contribution and commitment. It’s hard work that counts.

“With more and more business and leisure travelers taking to the sky, the demand for efficient and seamless travel solutions is the order of the day. Only the ‘Best in Business’ can survive and outshine others. This is where industry awards help identify the ‘best’ from the rest, as each travel player is carefully scrutinized against various industry benchmarks and best practices, before being considered for the awards,” maintains a UNIGLOBE Expert.     

But why should clients care? For a couple of reasons actually:

  1. Most awards invite nominations that require evidence of strategic thinking, tools and measures to deliver high quality service to strengthen client relationships. So, at the heart of any good award program is actually “the client” i.e. you and your company. If a Travel Management Company (TMC) gets nominated, it’s always because of exemplary innovation that somehow improved the client’s experience especially in terms of convenience, time and money savings. “In the case of Global TMC players like UNIGLOBE Travel, the focus around our clients is even more central to who we are and what we do. As an example, every year in October we survey our clients to validate our service levels and get their feedback on potential improvement areas. A lot of our development on client self service and agent tools is driven on what we learn from our clients. Incidentally, its also what wins us nominations”
  2. An award has the power to raise team spirits and boost motivation among travel experts who service clients, every single day without pause. “It’s an amazing experience as it literally sets productivity in motion. Here at UNIGLOBE, it touches the hearts of our people who want to do more for our clients. Because awards get people talking, encourage teams to go that extra mile and even help companies to raise their standards of service and delivery, there’s definitely a very strong client benefit”, opines a senior UNIGLOBE spokesperson. 

As we set the benchmark even higher with our nomination for the World Travel Awards as Asia’s Leading Travel Management Company 2014, we request you to cast a vote for UNIGLOBE Travel (South Asia) and support our nomination for being the shining example within the sector and for our approach to travel management.

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