There is no denying the benefits of using credit cards during foreign business trips. Besides saving you the hassle of juggling with cash, it gives you a paper trail, making the process of filing an expense claim at the end of your trip far simpler. However, in this article, instead of harping on its benefits, our UNIGLOBE experts shed light on the factors to heed when using your plastic abroad.

1. Fraud Protection

Banks monitor your credit card transactions and any time your card is used far from your home or in a manner outside your usual buying patterns, they try to limit their losses from fraud by suspending accounts. It’s incredibly frustrating to find out your card has been blocked while you are in the middle of an important business transaction in a foreign country. To avoid this possibility, notify your credit card company in advance of any foreign travel. Be sure to mention the stopovers too.

2. Foreign Transaction Fees

The vast majority of credit card companies charge a foreign transaction fee for every purchase made on their card internationally. It is best to comparison shop to find one of the few cards that do not have foreign transaction fees.

3. Cash Advance Fees

If you are relying on your credit card for cash withdrawals at the ATM, be aware that you will be charged a cash advance fee. This would be in addition to the usage fee in case you are using an ATM at a bank where you do not have an account. To avoid letting these fees add up to a significant amount, use your debit card which is far better for quick access to cash. Only use your credit card for cash withdrawals as a last resort.

4. Customer Service and Travel Assistance

​Card companies offer a free travel assistance program that includes services ranging from purchase protection or damage protection and express shipping for replacement credit cards among others. So, learn what services are provided with your credit cards before you leave the country. Also remember to save your bank’s customer service & assistance number for your destination country so you can call the number if your card is lost or stolen.


Final Word

By taking the time to plan how you will use your credit card in foreign countries, you can ensure that that you receive all of the benefits of your credit card with none of the drawbacks. In a nutshell, use your credit card while travelling abroad. Just be smart (read wise) about it!

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