Even as the frequency of both domestic and international air travel for business continues to spike, knowledge about certain aspects of air travel bookings still eludes many a business traveler. Since it’s always good to know the fine print of things, we get our UNIGLOBE experts to throw light on some of these lesser known aspects of air travel bookings.

Booking one-way tickets isn’t always a choice

There are some countries that do not allow entry to visitors on a business or tourist visa without the proof of a return ticket. So while travelling overseas lookout for such clauses specific to your destination.

Booking a round trip on the same airline may not necessarily save more bucks

Most carriers now price one-way tickets independent of the return. Therefore, booking a return trip with the same carrier doesn’t always guarantee greater savings.

Tickets are cheaper seasonally and not on a specific day of the week

Airfares are governed by the principle of demand and supply. Simply put, the higher the seat availability, the lower the fares and vice versa. Since bookings peak during the holiday season, the fares are higher due to the scarcity of seats. Airfares should therefore be associated with the travel season rather than with a particular day of the week.

You can’t book tickets more than a year in advance

Getting better deals on airfares by booking tickets well in advance is a good idea. However, you should know that may only reserve but not book air tickets more than a year in advance.


“Taking a note of some of these often overlooked aspects of air travel bookings can certainly make for better informed and cost effective travel choices, ” concludes our UNIGLOBE expert.



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