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A sprawling extraordinary achievement, Versailles Palace
A sprawling extraordinary achievement, Versailles Palace


Versailles is the palace of the versalmonator, means a power house or a chateau. In the older days, Versailles was a small village, it is only now that it is a suburban part of Paris which is the capital of France.

Versailles in late 17th century was considered the strongest political power house where the monarch used to sit, when the royal family was enforced to come back to Paris. The political side to the building has made it so famous that tourists like to pay their visit to this building. The building covers a total area of 110,000 square meters with 700 rooms in it with 67 staircases and more that 200 windows. The Versailles for sure is a grand place worth visiting. The building has lots of paintings, handmade sculptures, drawings, objects and furniture.

It was during the year 1038, when for the first time, the name Versailles was coined. During this period, the villagers of this village was on a small castle and there was a church which was governed by the local landlords of the village. Versailles was built by the French men and it was also called the unofficial capital of France. It is only ten kilometers away from Paris. The way in which the streets of Washington DC are made have been based upon Versailles’ model of streets. The city welcomes its visitors with open arms and provides one of the best luxurious hotels, food & site seeing facility to them. Whenever visitors plan to visit this part of the city, they make it a long holiday so that they can spend quality time in the Versailles.

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