One of the great natural wonders of the world,

A Phenomenal waterfalls, Iguazu
A Phenomenal waterfalls, Iguazu

Spread-eagled along the Argentine-Brazil border, should make the final reckoning of nature’s most enthralling sights is no great shock.

Tourism to these falls is set to morph - good news for Puerto Iguazú, the main tourist base hereabouts. But while the town is used to others waxing lyrical about its star attraction before the town itself gets so much as a mention, ‘Iguazú’ – as locals abbreviate Argentina’s most northeasterly town – doesn’t just want to be the fall guy. After all, it offers some of the best hostels, top-end hotels and spas in the country. The lavish Iguazú Grand picked up Argentina's best resort’ at the 2011 World Travel Awards and the other fancy digs in town, the Sheraton Iguazú, has just been refurbished, expanding by an entire floor in anticipation of increased demand.

Almost as refreshing as a dunk in the Devil’s Throat (that’s the Falls’ most gargantuan cataract), local tourism agencies are finally featuring trips out to the stunning Wanda mines, one of the continent’s most important gem deposits, on itineraries. It might not quite be El Dorado, but it’s fair to say that despite its popular waterfalls, Iguazú is still a much-undiscovered treasure.

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