If you like seeing a great view during night and day, this is a place for you!

A great scenic view, Victoria Harbor
A great scenic view, Victoria Harbor


The Victoria Harbor, because of its location on the south, favored the Britisher’s to make it one of the most famous and the biggest center for trade. The shore over the years has undergone enormous change.

It is a very common tourist’s attraction because of its beautiful scenic view of Hong Kong and its harbor. This harbor display spectacular fireworks during the 2nd night of the lunar year and thus is very common point for the tourists and the localities. It is also used to form recreation like swimming and polo. The harbor was initially called the Hong Kong Harbor and its modern name is the Victoria Harbor. This name change was done to ensure and pacify the fleet that belonged to Queen Victoria. As the manufacture sector increased day by day, club races were stopped because of access of pollution.

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