We all look for certain traits or a certain personality type in our friends or partners; a TMC should be no different. It’s a relationship and yes price and quality of service will always be important but the question is “What other facets of a TMC personality should be considered and how might they overlap with your lifestyle or your priorities?”.

Most UNIGLOBE Experts would tell you that a TMC is just like a person. “It has a personality made up of specific traits, attributes and characteristics. Let’s find out what these traits are!

Trait number #1: The perfect hybrid

All through the 90s and into the new millennium, a new breed of “Travel Management Company”  (TMC) evolved to combine the personalized support and attention that a local  travel agency could offer with some of the smartest travel booking and business intelligence tools available  - tools that rivaled even the biggest, most popular travel sites.

“It is a best-of-both-worlds service strategy and a rather thoughtful one at that. Suddenly, clients can choose to save time by quickly researching or booking online through their TMC’s dedicated online portal or call one of their trained and highly knowledgeable experts for trip support and professional advice. Here at UNIGLOBE, we call this the perfect hybrid. It’s a simple but very effective principle - technology when you need it and people when you don’t”

Trait number #2: Ownership

Travelers and corporations today require fast, seamless service. But service is a “thing” which people provide and others experience. Who owns this service ultimately? Is it lost in translation between layers and layers of departments and distant head offices? Or, is it easy to reach the “owner” of a TMC – a decision maker - should the situation so demand? Do you have access to the complete personality of your TMC? “In our view, an Owner driven business is an ideal travel services partner for corporations who seek faster decisions especially when it comes to the need for customization, waivers and/or favors or special considerations. In general an owner driven business like ours will have a keener focus on both service quality and responsiveness”, commented a UNIGLOBE Expert

Trait number #3:  Respected

We all love achievers – the people we  look up to, right? Find out if your TMC has been recently nominated for a big industry award – remember that only the best, most capable get invited to that inner circle. Also, find out if your TMC has a habit of rewarding and recognizing its own people for service excellence. In other words, is your TMC a personality that earns the respect of others in the industry and gives respect to its own people?

Trait number #4: Well equipped

Just like any relationship, you need to know if your TMC’s persona will live up-to your needs –like the need for fast, accurate information at your fingertips whether mobile, PC or voice! . You might ask, does your relationship provide you access to connection tools that save you up-to 10 minutes on every transaction compared to most current full-service models? Is it an efficient,  end-to-end travel management system driven by tools that help you control your travel spend for policy compliance? With so many priorities, what tools should you be looking for in your TMC’s character?

Here’s a quick checklist of modern day tools for you to qualify the technology talent level of your TMC:

  • Online Self Research and Booking Tool – for fast easy planning
  • Quality Control Tools –no errors, no issues
  • Seat Finder & Waitlist clearance programs – beat the system and get what you want
  • Traveler Profile system- every booking matches individual needs
  • Pre- trip authorization tool – every booking is policy compliant
  • Automated invoicing & reporting – correct, verified and on time  

Trait number#5: Knowledgeable

You should be able to count on professional support and in-depth knowledge whether you or your employees are traveling within India or halfway around the globe. Your TMC’s personality should always put its in-depth know-how and connections to your use. Its not about what the “experts” working for your TMC can get you – it’s what they are able to recommend from the countless options out there. A good TMC relationship will personalize you and focus their considerable knowledge on what you need to fulfill your travel objectives, most affordably.  And, remember every person needs to stay updated and constantly learn. Does your TMC’s personality invest into its people’s ongoing learning? “In the UNIGLOBE world, we achieve this through a full curriculum of education delivered through Regional education and awards events, in-office and web based sessions. We’re always adding knowledge to ourselves to save our clients time and money,” says one UNIGLOBE Expert.

Trait number#6: Flexible

Find out if your services provider will work with you. Sounds like a silly statement, right? But consider this - at UNIGLOBE, we find that many of our clients are more receptive to co-creation. So, rather than telling them what to do, our experts work with them to setup core elements of their travel program that include travel policy, reporting, payment solutions and even negotiation opportunities with suppliers. Does your TMC’s personality allow for flexibility? It should.

Trait number #7: Resourceful

Look for total trip planning – total buying support beyond the usual. Can your travel service provider arrange services in any part of the world? Or, arrange small to large-scale events and group movements? What about leisure travel? Who do you turn to when you want to find options, ideas and inspiration for your hard earned vacation? “Many TMCs such as UNIGLOBE, will go to the extent of specializing in leisure or vacation planning services so that when it comes to a relationship with the TMC personality … we don’t keep you wanting for more. If its about travel, you always know you can just rely on one company that is online, around the corner and around the world -  UNIGLOBE”, concludes a UNIGLOBE expert.


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