As the home of Bollywood, the financial district of India and most populated city, Mumbai holds such history, culture and modern progression that its not easy to known where to go and what are the best activities if you only have a few days in this city. Here are 5 places you must visit when in Mumbai.

5 Places to Visit in Mumbai
5 Places to Visit in Mumbai
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  1. Gateway to India: Probably the most famous monument in the city, this gateway is first place to begin a tour of the city. Built in 1924, this structure provides you with a panoramic view of the city. 
  2. Taj Mahal Palace Hotel: See this amazing architecture that has drawn millions of people, including The Beatles, Jackie Kennedy and The Prince of Wales, to stay there. 
  3. Juhu Beach: Known for it Mumbai street food, including pani puri, pav bhaji and bhelpuri, Juhu Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Mumbai. With a carnival-like atmosphere,  it is more often than not crowded in the evenings and weekends as people watch dancing monkeys, eat incredibly great food and stroll along the beach. 
  4. Elephanta Caves: Located on Elephanta Island, these ancient caves of carvings and statues formed out of basalt rocks, are rich with history. It has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
  5. Linking Road: This is the best place for shopping for high end fashion or bargains. You will see a street stall and international store standing side by side. 

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