10 OMG! situations that you may encounter during travel
10 OMG! situations that you may encounter during travel

Are you planning to travel soon? We’d be lying if we said that traveling is easy as pie because it’s not. In fact, even seasoned travelers experience OMG moments during travel. Here are some:

  1. When you get on the right train going to the wrong direction.
  2. When you’d be a millionaire if you got a dollar for every person who asks, “Why no companion?!” traveling alone? Not normal at all.
  3. When you find yourself sitting in a cab not sure where exactly to point the driver. Next time, be prepared with an address!
  4. When you come across fellow foreigners who’d follow you around just because you were too nice and engaged in a conversation with them.
  5. When you’re traveling solo and the hotel concierge asks when your partner is arriving.
  6. When you come unprepared and ask locals “Do you speak English?” in English.
  7. When you forget to have your money exchanged before leaving the airport
  8. When you find yourself sitting in a restaurant in a table for two and everyone stares at you like you’re not normal. See #2.
  9. When you totally forgot to book a tour and end up booking for a higher price.
  10. Or worse, when you forget to book a plane ticket to your next destination beforehand.

Traveling is exciting, but it’s not fun when you encounter these OMG moments.

Avoid at least some of them by booking with a travel agent for your tour! At least you’ve got your itinerary planned ahead of time.


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